"Delizie", meaning delicious, is an enthusiastic endeavor to preserve sacred family traditions and bring delight to peoples' plates far beyond Italy's borders. Hailing from Calabria, the infamous "toe" of the Italian peninsula where the mountains meet a breathtaking coastline, owner Francesco Ruggiero brings to life the richness of this southern region's culinary heritage, introducing and reacquainting others with an irresistible array of savory flavors and vibrant aromas. Renowned for its sausage (soppressata) and chili peppers (pepperoncini), Calabria is a region full of strong and intense emotions, a defining characteristic that has found its place within the cuisine, boasting a distinctive and recurring spice.

In contrast to northern Italy, much of the south has only been sparsely disturbed by outsiders and has managed to preserve its true character. Wanting only to share original Calabrese traditions, Delizie has taken the same approach with its food. Using a combination of carefully selected imports and fresh, locally grown ingredients, you can indulge to you heart's desire in a variety of homemade pastas and traditional dishes such as melanzane ripiene, fusilli alla calabrese and bracioline di vitello. To render the meal complete pair your food with an appealing wine chosen from a list featuring Italian and Californian wines that best suite your palate. 

The restaurant itself maintains a cozy, relaxed, yet elegant feel that invites others to join in the ambience that comes to life when the simplest things are brought to the table: good food, wine and people. Italians are well known for bringing a strong energy to the table, a way of life that has been shaped by holding a great respect for culinary craftsmanship, a genuine love of food, and an appreciation for the time spent enjoying it with family and friends. With an intimate décor, a small friendly staff made up mostly of family members from Calabria, and traditional yet creative dishes, Delizie strives to bring you the entire experience.

The Owner

Francesco Ruggiero arrived in the States in 2006 from Scalea, a small coastal town in northern Calabria. Full of aspirations and good intentions towards securing a modest future here. As a graduate of a prestigious music conservatory in Italy, he furthered his studies as a trombonist under a mentor at The Julliard School shortly after arriving in America. While Francesco still affirms his passion for music, as life would have it he found himself following a different career path; that of a restaurant owner. Having worked in the restaurant business as a manager for several years, he began envisioning having a place of his own. An optimistic vision that gave way to "Delizie", a restaurant created in honor of his strong Calabrese roots and to share in the delights of all that has been learned growing up in an Italian kitchen.

In addition to years of experience working and learning about the dynamics of the business, what seems to bring light to Francesco's potential as a restaurant owner is his upbringing in Calabria, in an Italian kitchen where generations meet to pass on the secrets of their culinary craft and bond heartily with one another. It is here he developed a strong sense of family and a deeply rooted love and appreciation for food, absorbing all that his grandmother generously shared with him. For all that it represents: a valued connection with the land, pride in the skill used to cook, the joy of tasting new and familiar flavors, and the bonds that form in the kitchen and around the table: culturally food becomes an integral part of one's passion for life.

Come share in the delights. A presto!